We believe in a very humane way of training Border Collies and we
believe also that these dogs should be held to no other standards than
to be bred healthy and with the ablility to herd. Breeding
should not take place except for the purpose of improving the Border
Collie as a breed. We do not believe in breeding just so we or any
one else can sell puppies.
    We do believe in the partnership of the Border Collie and a farmer
trying to make a living.
    We do believe that these dogs have to work, even if it is just a hobby
farm and going to trials every now and then.
    We don't sell Border Collies to pet homes, our dogs are bred with way
to much drive to make good pets. Although a combination of being a pet
and a member of the family is most important to us.
    We also don't sell Border Collies for Frisbe, Agility, or Fly Ball dogs.
    When we sell a dog we intend for it to go from our home to the
home where it will be loved, worked and treated as a member of the
family until the day it dies.
    When you buy one of our dogs, that is exactly what you are getting.
We raise them as if they are part of the family.
                                                             Hank Gallups